Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Disney Trip Sweepstakes

It seems that every time I turn around, Disney is giving away free trips! Here's the latest. Go enter now!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Disney Scrappin' Update

I've been a busy chickadee! I've been so busy uploading all my layouts on, that I forgot to post them here! If you are interested in any of the papers or embellishments, click on my link on the right.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter at our House

This year, I wanted to give a Mexican flair to my Easter decorations, so I used pretty Mexican crepe-paper flowers and cascarones (confetti eggs) which are a huge Mexican tradition. No self-respecting Mexican Easter celebration would be without them!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Disney Mini First Aid Kit

This is a cute and useful little project you can do with your kids in preparation of your Disney trip!

Keeping a first aid kit in your tote will make it so much easier to take care of minor booboos while you're enjoying the theme parks. With your own stash, you can avoid dragging everyone along on a trip to the first aid station to get one Band Aid. Walgreens sells these cute Johnson & Johnson First Aid kits for $1.99. I chose them because they are small and easy to tuck into a purse and they are so inexpensive that I probably wouldn't be able to put one together for that little cost. They have a few different sizes of Band Aids, a couple alcohol pads and gauze. I traded out the Band Aids for some cute Disney ones.

It's always a good idea to take prescription medications in a carry-on bag instead of packing them and checking them in. You wouldn't want to be without meds on your trip if your luggage is lost. You can easily replace your toothbrush and shampoo at a nearby convenience store, but not your medications. And, it's important to take only enough meds for each day of your trip with you in your purse or bag and keep the pill bottles in your hotel room, preferably in your room safe box. I found these cute little Ziplock-type pill pouches at the drugstore that are just perfect for that very purpose. They are only $2.99 and there are 50 baggies in a pack. You can put each day's pills in a pouch and mark the outside with PM or AM. There is also a spot on each one to write a name. That makes it easy to keep track of your kids' medications every day. If you don't find these handy little bags, you can use the snack size Ziplock baggies and write on them with a Sharpie. But, these pouches are awesome because they fit perfectly in your first aid kit. I added enough of the little pill pouches to the First Aid kits for the entire week (2 for each day, one for AM, one for PM.)

Of course, I couldn't leave the little kits nekkid.  (It is Disney, after all.) Everything is more fun with a little embellishment! So, I used some Disney and letter stickers to decorate them, then sealed them with a piece of self-adhesive laminating sheet. Click on the photos to enlarge.

Here's another cute idea: Buy a Disney coloring book and scan in a page, then shrink down the image to fit the front of the kit-- about 2 1/5"x 3". Let each child color their own little drawing, then, glue it down, add your child's name with letter stickers and lastly, cover it with a piece of laminating sheet.

So there ya go. With all these little goodies that I'm making for our trip, you'd think I had kids! Have fun on your trip and...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Disney Travel Tote

In preparations for our Disney World trip, I decided to make Disney travel totes for my friend and myself. They will be great carry-on bags as well as Disney park-hopping carry-alls!

So, first I bought a couple Totally You medium size canvas totes at Michael's to decorate. You can also find them at Joann or on They are under $5. I bought the natural canvas ones, but they also carry different colors as well as really cute denim ones.

Next, I bought some Disney embroidered appliques, dimensional fabric paint, black and red ribbons and Mickey-shaped buttons to decorate the bags. I wrote our names in the fabric paint and added some cute doodles among the buttons and bows which I attached with E6000.

Here's a picture of Candy's finished bag. Soooo cute, don'tcha think?