Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Volunteering Still Rocks!

Have you ever wanted to try out one of those cool movie theaters that serves food and drinks? It sounds like a blast, but the cost of the tickets on top of the food can get a little crazy, right? Well, guess what! It's Volunteer Appreciation Month again at Studio Movie Grill and that means FREE movie tickets! I thought I'd spread the love since a bunch of you are awesome volunteers, too. So, grab a pal and enjoy a free movie on the house!  (You'll have to buy your own food, of course.)

If you’ve never been to Studio Movie Grill, you’re in for a treat! They have yummy, awesome food and you can enjoy adult beverages while you watch the latest blockbuster!  To take advantage of this fantastic freebie, just click on the logo below and print out your free movie pass (good for 2 tickets through April 29).

For more info on Studio Movie Grill, including show times and menu, visit their website:

Enjoy the show and thanks for volunteering!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Introducing Candy's Cakes!

One of my favorite chickadees, Candy has just launched her new website. She's a cake decorator "on the side". Check out her new home on the web, She's in the Dallas area, so if you need a cake, call on her!

P.S. The hubster designed her super cute site. I love the retro kitchen feel. Isn't it adorable? He's available for freelance work!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Free Cone Day!!!

Tomorrow is Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry's.  Don't miss your chance to get a free scoop of one of their newest flavors:  Milk and Cookies, Boston Cream Pie and Peanut Brittle.  Get there early!  The line is crazy!

Click here to find your nearest Scoop Shop.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Fiesta Friday- Wii Love Bowling!

Saturday we had loads of fun at Michael's Surprise Wii Bowling Tournament Birthday Party. Whew! It was very low key--no decorations, just food and fun with friends and family.

The invitation was designed with a Big Lebowski theme. I did it in Photoshop and emailed it out on the down-low.

We served bowling alley style food: hot dogs, fries, tots, soft pretzels and nachos. Yummm. I for one ate way too much. I made little bowling pins for the top of the ice cream cake. They were too cute!

The King Pin trophy for highest score went to Candy. Her Elvis-style technique was superb and I think it just may have given her the edge.

Michael's "guest book" was an old, damaged bowling pin that my girl Christy decorated with felt. I think the eyes make it look like a Peanuts character (if there was one with facial hair.)

That's the skinny! Happy Birthday, Dude!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Saturday is the 18th Annual National Corndog Day! Are you ready? The legend goes that some guys in Oregon were in the middle of March Madness and got hungry.  So, one of them went to the freezer and found a 24-box of corndogs and they sat and ate them for the rest of the day.  Since that red-letter day in 1992, National Corndog Day is celebrated on the Saturday of the final 32 teams in the NCAA basketball tournament. The official holiday is sponsored by Foster Farms, Pabst Blue Ribbon and Jones Soda.  I'm serious!

Ready to celebrate?  Go to and locate an officially sanctioned NCD party near you.  Or, host your own party.  The NCD website sells party packs to help make your corndog day a success.  For $29.95, you get 5 coupons worth $8 for Foster Farms corndogs, 1 $5 value coupon for Jones Soda, 1 NCD shirt, 1 20'x30" poster, NCD temporary tattoos, corndog flavored mints, a Jones Soda hat and a Pabst Blue Ribbon bumper sticker.

I like mine with mustard, tater tots and an Ocean Water from Sonic. How 'bout you?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wunnerful! Wunnerful!

Today is the King of Champagne Music's birthday! That's right--Lawrence Welk was born on this day in 1903. That would've made him 107! I remember watching him at my Godmother's house and watching his wunnerful dancers as he directed his orchestra with, "Ana one, ana two". His show ran from 1955 to 1982. Twenty-seven years!

Here are a few tidbits about the wunnerful Maestro of Magic that you may not know:
  • His accent is a mix of Russian and German.
  • His first band was Lawrence and the Hotsy Totsy Boys.
  • Bob Barker had his Beauties, Heff has his Bunnies and Lawrence had his Champagne Ladies, but unlike the others, the Champagne Ladies actually had talent--each was the featured singer in his band.
  • He developed and lived at The Welk Resort and Champagne Village.
  • He was married for 61 years, had 3 kids, loved to play golf and was a minister in the Universal Life Church.
  • His company the Welk Group, known as Teleklew, owns real estate, record labels and his syndicated show.
So, how do you celebrate Lawrence Welk's birthday? By blowing bubbles, drinking champagne and watching this clip of the Lawrence Welk show, of course! Check out his wunnerful facial expressions!