Friday, June 22, 2012

Silly Bee's Frankies- Iona's Beehive

It's Silly Bee's Frankies time! This time, I have created a frankenpolish in honor of my absolute favorite movie of my Jr. High career, Pretty in Pink, and more specifically Annie Pott's character, Iona (who really steals the show)!

I made this one solely with Sally Girl minis which you can get at Sally Beauty Supply so it should be super easy for you to replicate. First, I started with about 4 parts 812005, a clear polish with pink glitter called In Love, and 4 parts 812021, a sheer pink. Then, I added 1 part 812112, a rose/raspberry holographic polish, to add a little shimmery magic.

I love this polish.  It’s feminine, it’s dainty, and it’s inspired by the beauteous polka dot prom dress that Molly Ringwald massacres into what I can only describe as a bogus shame. Without further ado...

Presenting Iona’s Beehive

Iona's Beehive Formula