Monday, October 26, 2015

Rooted and Grounded- Bible Journaling

Some plants have very shallow roots and they grow horizontally just underneath the soil. Others go deep down into the soil and create a strong support system. The shallow roots can be easily pulled out of the soil, but the deeper roots are supported by the soil even more and are difficult to remove. The soil provides vital food for the plants and the stronger they grow, the more fruit they bear and for some, the greater the shade they provide for others. 

Like plants, we can use the soil to grow deep roots into God's love. When we are grounded in faith, God is able to use us as vessels to bless others more and more. 

I have absolutely no green thumb, so alone, I am weak! Praise God for his grace-filled soil!

Friday, October 9, 2015

Plain and Simple- Bible journaling

It's all about the process, right? This one took 4 hours. Seriously, 4 hours. I worked on it all afternoon at work-- it was a slowwww day. The journaling started in my brain with a magnificently beautiful combination of fonts and swooshes, embellishments and leaves. I sketched the whole thing out in pencil and transferred it to my bible where I outlined it with a 005 Micron like I usually do. When I was finished, I just stared at it and well, it just didn't work. Perfect. Now I have to figure out how to cover it up.

I pulled out a couple pieces of scrapbooking paper and wrote the scripture on them-- changing the fonts and swirls ever so slightly. I tucked it into my Bible and waited for something magical to happen. But, it didn't. It just didn't work.

I decided it would be so clever of me to make a little seed pocket out of a brown paper bag. I trimmed and folded and even scalloped the top edge to make it look like a real seed packet. I placed it over the yucky lettering and it just stared back at me. It just didn't work. So, I tried to keep the seed packet idea by creating a fold-over card out of a vintage seed packet graphic. I thought I would write the verse in the inside of the card and glue it over the yucky lettering. Before I glued it in, I looked at it again and yeah, it didn't work.

At that point, I was minutes away from cutting the margin right off the page. Then, I shut my Bible and stopped. I decided to deal with it when I got home. Around this time, God spoke to me. It was if he was saying, "You are totally missing the point." You only need faith the size of a mustard seed. Nothing fancy, nothing extraordinary, nothing impressive. Just the tiniest of seeds. That's all you need. So, this is where I ended up. I carefully trimmed one of the blank pages from the back of the Bible, folded it in half and glued it together, then glued it over the original design.

Better. Simple, plain and modest. I like it!

Star Gazing- Bible journaling

Sunday, October 4, 2015

You are Mine- Bible journaling

What I love about this verse is that it's something you hear a loving parent say. First, they may tell you not to do something, then they explain why so you will learn, then they tell you why it's important so you will understand. It's all in love. 

"Don't jump on the bed. You could hurt yourself. If you did, I would be very sad because I love you very much." 

Of course, that's an over-simplification, but it just shows us how precious we are to God.

Most importantly, He says, "You are mine." That's it. "Fear not. You are mine."