Friday, June 24, 2011

One Piece, Five Ways- The Elusive Dress

I can't tell you how many times I've searched for a dress at the eleventh hour all the while haunted by one I ogled over months earlier.  You know the one.  The drop-dead gorgeous if-I-had-somewhere-to-wear-it-I-would-buy-it dress that you'll never see again.  The one that no other dress could ever live up to.  Oh, the agony.

My elusive dress:  a rose print, full-length strapless dress with crumb-catcher neckline and asymmetrical tulle-underlay balloon skirt with hidden pockets that White House Black Market created for their limited Holiday Collection in 2009.  Aghhh!  I die. 

Well, two years later I still pine.  So, in an effort to claim the gown as my own, I decided to give it the One Piece, Five Ways treatment.  That way I can pretend like it's in my closet just waiting for its debut.

The Elusive Dress- Classic

The Elusive Dress- Imperial

The Elusive Dress- Exquisite

The Elusive Dress- Guilded

The Elusive Dress- Dazzling

Friday, June 17, 2011

Fiesta Friday- Super Hero Coloring Page

Just a quick freebie for a Friday afternoon! 

I designed this coloring page for a health fair and thought it would be great for a kids super hero party, so I adapted the original to make it more festive and share it with you!

The "Break the Code" puzzle has an empty sign so you can add your own message. Just draw lines for the correct number of letters and write the corresponding numbers underneath.  I also left a space under the banner where you can add the child's name.

To snag the coloring page, just click on the download button--the one that looks like a cloud--in the window below! Enjoy!

Super Party Coloring Page

Thursday, June 16, 2011

I love letterboxing! (Even though I haven't done it yet.)

Have you heard of letterboxing?  It's like geocaching without GPS and Happy Meal toys.  Basically, you use clues to find hidden boxes, each containing a logbook and rubber stamp. Armed with your own stamp, you make your mark on the book in the box and use the letterbox stamp to record your find in your logbook. Then you return the box to its home and make sure it is well hidden for the next finder.

To letterbox (I think it's a verb too), all you need is a personalized "signature stamp", a blank book and a pen to leave a note or record the date. Hand-carved stamps are especially prized, but if you're a newbie like me and lack in carving skills, you may want to start with a custom stamp. Either way, you'll definitely want a mark that is uniquely yours.

I sound like an expert, right?  No?  That's because I haven't started yet!  I've just been learning all I can before I do.  Check out the websites below.  They taught me everything I know!  (And I'm a poet, in case you didn't know it.)

This is our signature stamp.  I tried to carve it myself, but I accidentally cut off noses and turned my head into a giant melon.  So instead, I uploaded my drawing to and ordered a 2"x2" custom stamp.  (The slashes at the bottom are to add the date.)

I also ordered 2 mini stamps of Molly and Max.  These will come in handy if we come across a mini letterbox.  Some letterboxes just have a little scroll or a miniature book enclosed, so I want to be prepared for those.

Letterboxes are hiding all over the world. In fact, there may be one living in a tree at your park right now!  All you have to do to find it is go online, search the letterbox database, print out clues, gather your materials and start the hunt!  To search for boxes in your area and for more tips and tutorials, go to Atlas Quest or Letterboxing North America.

Happy Letterboxing!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Girls are Girls After All!

Do you waste valuable time waiting for nail polish to dry?  Do you like to look ridiculous?  I thought so!  Have I got a product for you... the Nail Protection Clip by Dahoo.  No, this not an SNL spoof.  This is fer real, chickadees. Read on.

From Dahoo (lost in translation):

"Do you like to match your nail paint color with your wardrobe often? Then that requires more patience than sheer labor, as it`s easy to paint your nails. It is way more difficult to keep the paint on intact without smearing or smudging it. Most women can`t manage that part with the busy schedules and bad time management. But girls are girls after all and all they need is a solution for their problem! The nail varnish protection clip is a plastic clip holding on to your finger as a protective cover that avoids your wet nail polish from smearing.

Smart DIY nail art tool, no messiness anymore. Special transparent lifting-cap design – you can see your painted nails clearly at anytime. Achieve perfect artificial nails and no worry smudge. Split jacket, use your fingers are still nimble nature, you can phone, reading books, playing on the computer, etc."

Wait a minute, you mean instead of sitting down and waiting for my nails to dry I can be sitting down waiting for my nails to dry while wearing mutant hair clips on my fingers?  And just in case I want to make sure my nails haven't fallen off, I can lift the cover to check on them?  Unbelievable! It's the bad time management cure I've been searching for!

Too bad I didn't invent them-- I'd be a millionaire, fer sure.

Friday, June 3, 2011

For Your Viewing Pleasure

By my talented friend, Waye Kerr. 
Wayne is not only a brilliant songwriter, but a gifted artist as well.
Find more videos, cds and the band schedule at: 
Wayne Kerr Band