Sunday, November 20, 2016

The Celebrate Gratitude Giveaway.

Introducing the Celebrate Gratitude Giveaway!

It's time for me to show my gratitude for all you do to make our bandit* of chickadees so joyful.

This giveaway is a bit different from most.  I won't be publicizing it on IG and won't be asking you to follow people, or join groups.  I'll be sharing the link to this post on The Nest- Silly Bee's Chickadees and of course, on periscope.

The only requirement to enter is that you comment on this post about gratitude.   What does gratitude mean to you?  Do you have a special story?  Do you practice gratitude in a special way with your family during Thanksgiving?  Did you have a special person in your life who taught you about gratitude?  Your post can be just about anything.  If you and a friend were talking about gratitude, what would you say?

Everyone who comments will be entered in the giveaway and the two winners will be chosen with a random number generator and announced on Thanksgiving.  Your entry won't be based on what you shared, just that you did share.  The prizes are two fabulous goodie bags that you can see on periscope.  Just look for the Celebrate Gratitude Giveaway broadcast.  Deadline Thanksgiving Eve, midnight CST (Wednesday, the 23rd).

That's all.  Let's share- come back often to this post and read other responses.  Let's learn from each other.  Let's inspire each other.  Let's show gratitude.

Thank you, chickadees, and Happy Gratitudegiving!

*look it up!

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