Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fiesta Friday- Bee is for Birthday!

Saturday was a fabulous day!

We celebrated my mom's big birthday and it was soooo much fun. My sister, a few of Mom's girlfriends and I hosted Queen Bea's Surprise Birthday Jubilee! The party brought together a group of amazing women from across the country who have been awesome friends to Mom over the years. It was a great afternoon and so much fun visiting with old friends and new. Boy was she surprised!!!

The theme was bees and circles representing Mom's circle of friends. The party room was decorated in white and shades of yellow, which just happened to match my dining room! (No, I didn't paint the walls to match, Silly Miss Sillypants). Round paper lanterns, honeycomb-style paper globes and handmade tissue paper flowers hung from the ceiling above the food table and in the corners of the den.

I made different sizes of tissue paper flowers for the decorations and corsages (corsage tutorial can be found here).  All the ladies wore yellow corsages and the hostesses wore pretty white ones dipped in glitter.

My bright Easter table cloth was perfect and I found a beautiful embroidered organza to use as a table runner. The fabric store had only 4 feet left, but I had to have it! So, I cut it in half lengthwise and draped it over the table. I wanted to use a sheer fabric to cover the entire table, but the table runner worked just fine. I mainly wanted the white cloth to make the flower pots pop since they were the same color of the yellow cloth. I hid the raw edges under a big pot in the middle. I'll hem it later!

The flower arrangements were another brilliant find! I found the flower pots for $3.99! They had two different sizes and I thought the smaller ones really resembled honey pots, so I bought a bunch of those. I was so excited I almost jumped up and down in the middle of the garden section of Walmart! Then, I wandered over to the floral department (because I was running out of time to go to the flower market downtown) and found these beautiful yummy smelling white flowers. I was looking for daisies, but these were much better and they didn't have many daisies anyway. I'm telling you, serendipity!

For nibbles, we served a beautiful fruit salad with poppy seed dressing and mini quiches. The gorgeous cupcakes and bonbons were made by one of the hostess bees who makes delicious and amazing desserts! I made the other sweets, cajeta cookies, pan de polvo and super easy peasy lemon tarts all of which were gobbled up. I think I had only 10 cookies left for my husband and dad! (Recipes coming.) My husband (the willing cocktail master) concocted a special cocktail which I named "Bea's Nectar"; those too, were gobbled up (I can say that because there was a cherry at the bottom.) We also served lemonade and sweet tea. This is Texas after all!

Because the party was for Queen Bea, I couldn't have her walking around without a crown! So, I found a tiara at the bridal department of Michael's and glued on (with E6000) a fuzzy bee from the floral department! I also scattered some of those little bees among the flowers just for fun.

I found the pretty white frames and several white ceramic serving pieces at Marshall's Home Goods. They were a steal. I think the highest price I paid was about $20 for the large serving bowl! I've got white ceramic platters out the wazoo! The next party I host will have to include the color white! (Note to self: host a fiesta to use the yellow lanterns again.) I scanned in some of Mom's beautimous portraits for the girly frou frou frames so her guests could ooh and ahh at her sheer gorgeousness. Everyone loved trying to guess her age in each of the pictures. "Well, she's wearing a flip in this one...the one with the little bob just has to be Jr. High..."

My sister made fun party favors with cute little jars and yellow Jelly Bellys-one of Mom's faves. She also made fabulous baskets for the door prize winners filled with loads of Burt's Bees products and a yummy candle. She even sewed a little bee onto the baskets! The biggest basket went to the party game winner- the one who knew the most facts of Queen Bea's life. (Q- Where did Bea meet Victor? A- At the Hurry Burger. Dad flipped hamburgers and Mom was the shake girl.)

One of Mom's pressies was a beautiful Brighton bracelet that everyone contributed to. It was absolutely gorgeous. There were large letter medallions on it that read FAITH. Mom said that was the icing on the cake!

Last but certainly not least, I made a pretty framed piece of art for all her friends to sign. Again, it represented the great circle of friends who love and support Mom. It was deceivingly simple to make. Don't tell Mom! (Tutorial coming soon.)

So, the party was a huge success and Mom has more fun memories of time spent with her circle of friends. A special thanks to the hostess bees! Besos, besos!

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

When I'm Old...

...I'm going to wear a tiara everyday. Even to the grocery store.
If someone asks me why, I'll say "I'm the Princess of Pixie Stix."