Wednesday, June 3, 2009

She's Got a Ticket to Ride!

We had a blast at Disney World! About an hour after we arrived, a giant tropical depression crushed my character hunting plan, but it didn't dampen our spirits. I have a bunch of pictures to share, but I'll try to group them into themes as I post them.

Today's theme is Disney rides. They were AWESOME! The whole ride experience, from the props in the waiting lines, to the ride operators' scripts, was amazing. I was totally impressed. I highly recommend all of them, although, the Dinosaur ride is a bit scary for the littles, as you will see below.

A few of the indoor rides have cameras to take your picture while you're on the ride. These are some of those. Our travel companion's friend gave us hints as to where the cameras were hidden within the ride, so we had some fun with them. Enjoy!

This fabulous ride, Expedition Everest, is in the Animal Kingdom and not to be missed! The pre-ride area is in the Yeti Museum which has all kinds of artifacts from Yeti sightings. It's really cool. The ride is so fast, that you can forget to look around, but try to. Disney's ride tunnels are so beautifully designed that you don't want to miss anything!

Dinosaur, also in Animal Kingdom, is just like riding through the scariest scenes in Jurassic Park. There are tons of animatronic dinosaurs lurking about and plenty of darkness to keep your heart racing. This picture makes me happy and a bit sad at the same time. Note the family in the middle, these two little boys were TERRIFIED! I felt so bad for them and didn't actually realize it until the end of the ride when we purchased our ride picture. I would be scared too if my dad was eaten by a big meanie green dinosaur like theirs was.

This last picture is from the Buzz Lightyear ride in the Magic Kingdom. It's more of a game/ride than a thrill ride. You sit in little cars that twist and turn as they travel through a maze of space scenes. There are two ray guns in the car that you can use to shoot targets and rack up space ranger points. At the end of the ride, you can look up your score on a tally board to see if you are a lowly Star Cadet, a tubular Galactic Hero or one of the ranks between. Very fun.

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  1. I love your poses.... but that terrified kid really makes that picture :)