Monday, February 8, 2010

To Sir, With Love

Have you mailed your cards to be stamped with special Valentine postmarks yet?  I sent out a bunch last week just to share the cutest stamps with you. OK, so I sent myself a bunch of Valentines. It was all in the name of research. Okay? Geez!

Pick your favorite stamp and mail your cards right away or you may miss the deadline for February 14th delivery. Though, if you do, don't sweat it. I'm sure the special postmark will more than make up for its tardiness!  Ship your cards inside another envelope addressed like the example above.  Double check the zip codes on the USPS Valentine list.

P.S.- Make sure you include the correct postage on your cards. It would be totally sad if they were returned to you.  First class letter mail is $.44.  Remember, even if they aren't any bigger than regular cards, square cards cost more to mail just because they're square.  If your envelope has a different kind of closure, like brads with strings or something, they're extra.  Anything smaller than 3.5"x5", or bigger than 6"x11" is more postage, too.  If you include any other stuff in your cards, make sure you weigh them.  Plus, bumpy stuff will be extra.  Don't forget, extra postage inside probably means extra postage outside!

NOTE- Beauty, Kentucky is not offering Valentine postmarks this year.

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  1. WOW! I am so honored you hopped onto my blog! YOURS IS AMAZING! I am now a follower! I am definately in awe!

  2. This is the cutest thing!!! Love it! Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. For Canadian readers there's also Love, Saskatchewan whose postmark is a teddy bear holding a heart. Town info is at

  4. So cute. Thanks for doing all the research and sharing this.

  5. I have done this for the past few years, I am not sure why I forgot this year. Thanks for reminding me. (I am thinking I sent to Valentines VA).

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