Thursday, October 28, 2010

Blog, You Look Marvelous, Again!

Last year I wrote a post about some free blog background sites I love to use. Since then, I've found a bunch more and decided to share them with you because they were not easy to find. Sure, it's easy to find a ton of sites with freebie backgrounds, but to find cute ones that aren't cheesy looking is not. I've compiled a lonnnng list of blog designers who offer free backgrounds and blinkies so I'm going to split it up and post a few links at a time. In no particular order, our first group is Smitten, Welling, Allie Brown and Izzie Grace.  Each site has its own instructions for using their backgrounds, so look for those and have fun redecorating!  Note:  Welling Blog Designs has recently closed shop, but they are keeping their free backgrounds up so you can use them.


Izzie Grace Blog Backgrounds

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