Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Personalized Glass Bottle Oil Diffuser

I love saying, "I can make that!" You know, like when you come across an overly-priced, super cute necklace or pillow in a store. You pass the item up, imagining the ribbon and baubles you have in your stash, and how much better your pillow will be. But, if you're like me, you probably forget all about your beautiful better-than-theirs projects by the time you've left the store.  Well, this project was indeed inspired by a decorative bottle I saw in frou frou home accents store.  It was soooo pretty.  It had a white sheer ribbon and silver crown accent on it.  I thought, "I could make that", and this time, I followed through!  On top of that, I found a great use for the pretty little jar--a reed diffuser!  Winning!  

To make your own pretty fragrance diffuser, you will need the following, a cute bottle ($.99 at Michaels or 6 for $3.84 online), a yummy reed oil diffuser set ($6.99 at Walgreens), Air Dry PermEnamel Accent Liner, PermEnamel Clear Gloss, PermEnamel Surface Conditioner (not pictured), a fine paint brush, E6000, ribbon (sheer ribbon is best) and a pretty button.  The great thing about Air Dry PermEnamels is that they do not require baking to make them dishwasher safe.

Before you begin painting, prepare your bottle by wiping it with PermEnamel Surface Conditioner, rubbing alcohol or plain nail polish remover.  Now, you're ready to paint!  I recommend testing the Accent Liner on a paper towel.  If it's too hard to squeeze, cut the nozzle slightly larger.  That's what I had to do. 

If you're really good, you can freehand the initial onto your bottle with the Accent Liner.  Or, you can write (or print out) your initial on a piece of paper and place it under the bottle to trace it.  I found that it was best to lightly trace the letter first and then go back over it with a thick line.

The paint has a matte finish, so if you would like a glossy look, allow the paint to dry about 30 minutes, then use a small brush to paint a thin layer of Clear Gloss on top.  The glaze is pretty thin, so be conservative on the application or it will spread all over the glass.

If you need to clean up smudges, lightly rub them out with nail polish remover and a brush.  But, don't wait until the paint is dry or it won't budge!

Let the bottle sit for a day before you add the finishing touches.  Tie a bow around the neck of the bottle and glue a pretty button on with E6000.  E6000 is not as quick drying as hot glue, so lay the bottle on its back while the glue cures so the button doesn't slide off.

Your bottle is finished!  Now, you can fill it up with oil fragrance and a few reeds or bath salts and you have a lovely personalized gift ready to grace a pretty vanity!

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  1. Nice idea! This would be great as a simple housewarming or hostess gift. Visiting from Tip Junkie


  2. I'm the same way at the store, I'm always thinking, "I think I could pull off a homemade version" lol! These would make excellent gifts!


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