Wednesday, May 11, 2011

One Piece, Five Ways- Christy's Dress

My girl Christy is going to a fancy wedding in a fancy castle in fancy Italy and needed a fancy outfit to look fancy...but not too fancy. Despite its location, the wedding itself is not formal, so Christy bought this fabulous dress from Nordstrom. Fancy, right? It looks GREAT on her.  I love it.

Christy's next task is to put together an entire look for the wedding. She must wear a hat, so she'll probably start with that since they are so hard to find and build her look around both the hat and dress.

I came up with five inspiration sets that she can pull from when she's shopping for accessories. What do you think? Once I started to play around with it, I found that the dress is actually very versatile. It's a great dress to wear to church, a wedding, a baby shower or just for a Saturday afternoon of shopping and lunching! Great choice, Christy!

Christy's Dress-- Romantic & Regal

Christy's Dress-- Fresh & Fabulous

Christy's Dress-- Light & Lovely

Christy's Dress-- Festive & Fabulous

Christy's Dress-- Exquisite & Elegant

Do you have an item of clothing that you need help accessorizing? Are you stuck in a rut and need to revive some pieces in your wardrobe? Let me know and I'll give you inspiration in Five Ways!

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