Friday, June 24, 2011

One Piece, Five Ways- The Elusive Dress

I can't tell you how many times I've searched for a dress at the eleventh hour all the while haunted by one I ogled over months earlier.  You know the one.  The drop-dead gorgeous if-I-had-somewhere-to-wear-it-I-would-buy-it dress that you'll never see again.  The one that no other dress could ever live up to.  Oh, the agony.

My elusive dress:  a rose print, full-length strapless dress with crumb-catcher neckline and asymmetrical tulle-underlay balloon skirt with hidden pockets that White House Black Market created for their limited Holiday Collection in 2009.  Aghhh!  I die. 

Well, two years later I still pine.  So, in an effort to claim the gown as my own, I decided to give it the One Piece, Five Ways treatment.  That way I can pretend like it's in my closet just waiting for its debut.

The Elusive Dress- Classic

The Elusive Dress- Imperial

The Elusive Dress- Exquisite

The Elusive Dress- Guilded

The Elusive Dress- Dazzling

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