Friday, July 29, 2011


Did you ever draw on bananas with your fingernails when you were younger?  OK, maybe yesterday?  Well, I'd forgotten all about banana art until I saw this over at Come Together Kids.  So, I made one for the hubster and you can, too (and you don't even need long nails)!

All you need to know to be a banana artist:
  • Use a pretty yellow banana with very few spots so your design shows up clearly.
  • Use a light touch-- you don't have to apply much pressure at all.  
  • Drag the toothpick or skewer gently across the skin as if painting so you don't tear it.
  • Try not to handle it too much so you don't bruise up your design.
You can go coocoo bananas with your bananas-- write jokes on them, wish your child good luck on a test, or play tic tac toe when you're waiting at the dentist.   It's super fun and super easy; in fact, if you are trying to be sneaky, the hardest part about drawing on a banana is keeping it secret!

Have fun playing with your food and...

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