Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Muppets Mani Madness!

Yes, I entered ANOTHER contest. A nail art contest. And while I don't actually do nail art, I thought the prize was pretty cool and there aren't a whole bunch of people who enter these things. So, I gave it a shot.

OPI is having a contest based on the Muppets collection and there are five chances to win. Each week, they'll highlight one Muppet--the first week was Miss Piggy--and challenge everyone to create a design inspired by that character. The prize is the entire Muppet collection.  The winners are chosen by popular vote, which is a bummer because it's only on facebook so you have to give the app access to your profile and not a lot of people want to do that.

I'm not even going to campaign for votes for the first three weeks.   I'm waiting for the real nail artists to win their prizes first and hope I'll have a better chance toward the end! After looking at the other designs, I can tell I'm going to have to up my game.

Anyhoo, until then I'm practicing my skillz. This was my Piggy-inspired entry. Très elegant, no?  I'll be posting my designs in the coming weeks, so come back, check them out, and I'll let you know when it's safe to vote!

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