Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Gonzo the Great!

The third character in the OPI Mani Madness Contest was Gonzo the Great! He has played many characters over the years: daredevil, photographer, Charles Dickens, guitarist... He's pretty kooky and I still don't understand the attraction to Camilla. But, so goes the world of the Muppets!

If you were a Muppet kid like me, you know that at the beginning of the Muppet Show, Gonzo would pop out of the "O" in the Muppet Show sign and try to play the last note of the theme song. Usually, some crazy, wacky thing came out of the trumpet instead, like smoke or a balloon.

So, that's where I got my inspiration. This is Gonzo blowing love notes to his girlfriend, Camilla the chicken. I think it's pretty cute and I was pretty impressed with how good Gonzo came out. My manis are getting better and better!

P.S. Gonzo's nail color is Houston We Have a Purple from the OPI Texas collection.


  1. I loved this one so much and also your Kermit one was fantastic. Good luck! I told my polish friends to vote for you with your amazing Animal and Electric Mayhem mani. It's incredible!!

  2. Thank you, polish friends! And thank you, Michelle for spreading the word. I loved doing the Mayhem!