Thursday, August 23, 2012

Nail Wraps Now on Etsy!

Chickadees!  It's time for a shameless plug.  My nail wraps are now available on etsy!  There is a limited quantity and when they are gone, they're gone.  So, head on over to Silly Bee's Chickadees and check them out.  These are the designs in store:


  1. Is it true I can't get the Coco's Pearls design anymore? I've seen it pinned several times and spent the better part of two days finding the original designer! If this is true, what method would you suggest to try to recreate it? Decal? Stamp? Freehand (yikes!)? Stencil?

    Thank you!


  2. Yes, LisaM, it's true. :( The manufacturer who was making them for me went out of business. I am, though, working on making some water slide decals with the same design. The only difference is that I can't make a design with white ink, so they will be black. If you are wanting a white on black look, I would suggest buying a little dotting tool and dotting on the little pearls that way. There may be some stamping plates that would work too. Maybe you can search on etsy for those. If you are interested in my decals, keep an eye out on my facebook page: Silly Bee's Chickadees to learn about future releases of decals and polishes. THANKS!

  3. Great - I'll give it a try! Just a few more questions, then, if you don't mind? Is the black a glossy or matte? Are the designs all in white, or are some of them silver? I have a fairly small laptop, and when I tried to enlarge the photo, I lost some detail. Any assistance you can provide will be most appreciated - and willingly credited in my posts! Thanks again!