Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ready For Our Closeup!

Seriously, these are super duper closeups! Dulcie, the awesome chickadee behind the popular nail blog ohthreeohfour.com, published a blog review of Orange you a Honeydew Smoothie and Melly's Mix and took these fabulous photos that I just had to share with you.   Click on the link to see more pics!

Aren't her hands beautiful?! I love seeing how nail bloggers wear my polish and the different combinations they come up with. They're so creative! If you are into nail polish, you must jump over to her blog and subscribe. She really does have some of the best manicure photos out there and she reviews tons of indie polishes that you probably have never heard of! Thank you Dulcie, for the awesome review

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  1. Aww thank you <3 Your amazing and beautiful polishes just make my job easier! :P