Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pretty in Pink Tops

Remember my post about shopping smart when you buy pink products? Well, I thought I would share a couple really cute ones that really do make a difference.

This top is just adorable. I saw this one live in person at an Ann Taylor store and almost got it, but I was on a timely mission to find an outfit for a gala at the eleventh hour. Isn’t it cute? The price is a bit high at $50, but 70% of it goes to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. I think if you’re going to buy a pink top, buy this one and know that you just donated $35 to fight breast cancer!

On the other hand, Lacoste also has some awesome pink items, but these only offer 10% of your donation to BCRF. Still, they are super cute. Just consider that this pink croc polo, while totally awesome, is $85. That means only $8.50 of your purchase goes to breast cancer research. But, how cute would this be with jeans, flats and a string of pearls?

So, frilly and girly or classic and sporty? I think they’re both fabulous and are dying to be in my closet!

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  1. Hi! Thank you for dropping by at my blog and grab my printables! Hope you're enjoying them!!

    And yes, I have a weak spot too for pink tops. ..looking great with a cause, now that can't be missed!