Friday, December 18, 2009

The Photo Shoot That Wasn't

We had high hopes. I really, really wanted it to be a good little photo shoot, but it just wouldn't behave. It was a sad, exhausting attempt at wrangling Molly and Max so we could take our family Christmas card photo. There we were, under hot lights, sweating in our formal attire trying to direct our own photo shoot...with props...and dogs who don't understand direction. Half of the time, Molly and Max would split just before the camera timer would run out! Finally, Max was done. He refused to come out from under the bed. So, we gave up and are doing a re-shoot tomorrow. I am determined to get this card out before the new year!!! Please to enjoy!


  1. dogs.

    Michael looks like a really obedient butler in most of the pictures.

  2. Those darn "kids!" They just won't hold still for one second. I hope the next round goes better for you. We just got a kitten and Maisey (a Jack Russell big sister) is still a little bent out of shape. No pics of the "kids" hugging each other this year.

  3. Too cute. You should put ALL of the crazy ones on your card too! They're adorable!