Sunday, January 24, 2010

Butterfly Boots

Check out my butterfly boots! I painted them myself!

This Christmas I decided to paint cowboy boots for my mom and sister. I've seen painted shoes on etsy, and thought boots would be really neat. I had no idea where to start, so I bounced around online and found some tips for painting on leather, then I pulled up my boot straps (you know it was bound to happen) and jumped right in. Once I figured out what I wanted to paint and could see the finished product in my head, I was super excited!

We bought the boots at DSW and I made sure that the leather was smooth and the right color for my design.  Then, I sketched the design on the boots and blocked out the area to be painted with black Sharpie. I figured out it's best to bend the boots a bit beforehand to see where they will naturally crease and place your design around those spots.  I didn't do that, but luckily, there isn't too much paint on those spots.

After I blocked out the area, I prepared the leather by sanding it down with sand paper. You have to sand it down enough to get rid of all the varnish on the shoes, so that took a while. This ensures that the leather will soak up the paint and won't flake. I sanded them really well so they were like suede when I was done.  Once the leather was prepared, I primed them with a very diluted white acrylic paint--almost watery. I used the best artist's acrylic, not craft acrylic. If you bend the leather while it's wet, it will help the paint penetrate. Then, I painted the design with acrylics just slightly diluted. I let the boots dry overnight, then sealed just the painted part with satin varnish.

What do you think? Do I have a future in boot design? Mom and Leti have worn their boots out and about, but I haven't, yet. I need to find just the right pair of jeans! Anyway, I'm ready for Rodeo fer sher!

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  1. Um, gorgeous and a half! I love them. You are so amazing!

  2. these are amazing! I'll be looking around the rodeo this year for your pretty butterfly boots!!! :)

  3. These are so lovely! Such a good idea

  4. Super cute ! I might have to borrow this idea! :)