Monday, March 15, 2010

Saturday is the 18th Annual National Corndog Day! Are you ready? The legend goes that some guys in Oregon were in the middle of March Madness and got hungry.  So, one of them went to the freezer and found a 24-box of corndogs and they sat and ate them for the rest of the day.  Since that red-letter day in 1992, National Corndog Day is celebrated on the Saturday of the final 32 teams in the NCAA basketball tournament. The official holiday is sponsored by Foster Farms, Pabst Blue Ribbon and Jones Soda.  I'm serious!

Ready to celebrate?  Go to and locate an officially sanctioned NCD party near you.  Or, host your own party.  The NCD website sells party packs to help make your corndog day a success.  For $29.95, you get 5 coupons worth $8 for Foster Farms corndogs, 1 $5 value coupon for Jones Soda, 1 NCD shirt, 1 20'x30" poster, NCD temporary tattoos, corndog flavored mints, a Jones Soda hat and a Pabst Blue Ribbon bumper sticker.

I like mine with mustard, tater tots and an Ocean Water from Sonic. How 'bout you?

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