Friday, May 21, 2010

Fiesta Friday- The Emmas

I am so excited to share this party! Well, I've actually shared a bunch of it already. But, I am really excited to introduce the Emmas:  Ericka and Leslie are a couple cool chickadees with whom I work, Kandi is one of my sorority sisters and bridesmaids, Diane is a hilarious lady that I met through my close-to-home BFF Christy and Leti is my little sister.  Don't we look lovely in our colorful cardigans?

from left: Ericka, Leslie, Kandi, Diane, Christy, me and Leti

We went out to dinner last Friday in a torrential downpour dressed like my new fashion idol, Emma Pillsbury and even though they could have stayed home and kept dry, my girls didn't let me down. They were troupers...troupers in cardis!

This is the invitation I designed and emailed to the Emmas. We met at my house, took some pictures, grabbed umbrellas and ran to our cars. It was ridiculous! There was flooding all around the city. The windshield kept fogging up and I had to wipe it with a towel every few minutes so Christy could drive!  But we quickly put the tropical storm behind us and ordered cocktails that matched our cardigans.  Mine was a lemon drop, of course!

You know I am addicted to party favors, and even though we were just going out to eat, I couldn't resist the opportunity to put together some little pressies that Emma just might give out at one of her parties. The cello bags had a package of tissues, latex gloves and antibacterial wipes. I also gave them Glee cds with cover sleeves that matched the invitation design. If you are hosting your own Emma party, you might want to give each girl a flowered brooch or a bento box with celery and grapes. Or, all of the above!

So, that's it. I'd like to give a HUGE thank you to the Emmas for my fun birthday adventure. You are all golden in my book! Now, go disinfect. That keyboard is a breeding ground for germies.

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