Friday, February 4, 2011

As Close As I'll Ever Get to Johnny Depp

There's chocolate, and then there's chocolat.  And this, my chickadees, is chocolate of the most decadent kind.  The kind of chocolate that makes a town swoon.

Have you ever seen such beautimous gourmet delights?  While they don't come delivered by your very own Roux, I think these gifts are gorgeous in their own right.  I mean, seriously.  Hand painted.  Bejeweled.  Encased in mahogany.  What!  I say forget your Sweetheart-- order a box for yourself and dream of 21 Jump Street.

Chocolate Pump and Purse
14 ounces of dark Belgian chocolate, filled with a ribbon of 
soft caramel, hand-decorated in colored chocolate.
2 pieces - $52

For the Love of Chocolate Collection
Dark chocolate ganache blended with sweet red 
raspberries in a shimmery heart shell.
15 pieces - $35

Norman Love Confections
Valentine's Day BLACK Chocolate Gift Box
Single origin chocolates from Ecuador, Dominican Republic, 
Madagascar, Bolivia and Venezuela.
15 pieces - $35

Confectionista Collection
Features crèmes—including a maple pecan creme, caramel, 
a truffle, solid chocolate and molasses chips.
8 pieces - $22

Christophe Artisan
Large Chocolate Heart
Hand-painted and truffle chocolates in 
hand-painted chocolate heart box.
11 pieces - $39.95

Romantic Collection- Touche
Milk chocolate Supreme with hazelnut praline, black Mystique
vanilla Bourbon caramel, white Toquade with chocolate ganache
and red Amore ganache scented with bergamot.
12 pieces - $96.61

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