Friday, April 15, 2011

Silly Bee's Frankies- Babe Ruthless

It's Silly Bee's Frankies time! After creating my first franken polish, I decided it would be fun to give my frankies movie-inspired names. So, I chose Whip It, the roller derby extravaganza directed by Drew Barrymore as inspiration for my latest creation-- a gritty, glittery avocado green...

First, I started with 1 part Sally Hansen Diamonds and added very fine lime glitter. I found that it's best to mix glitter in a clear polish first before adding any other polishes. Then, I put about 4 parts Sinful Colors Show Me the Way and added 1 part OPI San Tan-tonio to give it a dirty tone. I wish you could see the shimmer in the photo below, it appears flat on my nails in the picture, but it's actually really dimensional. The Diamonds show off light pink, turquoise and yellow shimmer along with the lime glitter.

I'm pleased how it turned out. It perfectly accents the Hurl Scout's super cute unis. It's gravel-y, it's toxic, it's named after Ellen Page's Oink Joint waitress turned derby doll character. Without further ado...

Babe Ruthless

Babe Ruthless Formula

This is Silly Bee's Babe Ruthless Frankenpolish Formula