Thursday, April 7, 2011

Silly Bee's Frankies- Roux's Chocolat

Somebody stop me!  I've joined the franken craze!  (The nails kind, not the monster kind.) Frankening is a funky new word for something we've been doing for ages: mixing nail polishes.  In high school, I used to mix polishes to get the perfect sheer for French manicures.  Nowadays, nail polish aficionados are not only mixing colors, but adding makeup pigments, glitter and iridescent flakes to their frankens.  It sounded so fun, that I decided to give it a go...

For my first franken, I wanted a go-to neutral with a little shimmer.  I started with OPI's You Don't Know Jacques and added Essie's Mambo.  Mambo added a rose undertone which is really pretty in sunlight.  Sally Hansen's Diamonds created just the right amount of sparkle which added dimension to an otherwise boring neutral and Sheer Me Now lightened it up and brought it all together. The final mix ended up being just about equal amounts of each polish.

Roux's Chocolat!
Named after Johnny Depp's character in the fabulous movie co-starring Juliette Binoche.

This is Silly Bee's Babe Ruthless Frankenpolish

Roux's Chocolat Formula
This is Silly Bee's Roux's Chocolat Frankenpolish Formula

For a great tutorial on frankening, read Frankenpolish 101 on Dr. Frankenpolish's blog.  A couple tips: wear gloves while you are working so you don't mess up your manicure and keep a pen and paper handy to keep track of your formula. Don't forget to name your frankies and keep your recipe with your nail polish stash. You just might need to make some for your bff so she'll stop stealing yours!

Look for more Silly Bee's Frankies in the future!  I'll be sharing them with you as I make them.  In the meantime, google "franken polish" and check out some other beautiful creations!  Do you have any favorite franken formulas?


  1. I must get my hands on these! While most women get excited to wear bright nails in the Spring I like to stick with my neutrals - grey,white,pearl. Great post!

    Lauren from ChickAdvisor

  2. I'm a neutral nails kinda girl too, but I'm going to try my best to wear colors on my nails this summer!

  3. Very pretty! (Coming over from your link earlier!) I love that you listed everything you used so we can recreate it!