Friday, April 13, 2012

Silly Bees on Pinterest!

If you have a blog, you know how crazy it is to find your stuff on Pinterest! I for one, had no idea what it was all about until I did a search online for some of my tutorials. I do that from time to time to see where my stuff has traveled and to follow a cool blog who has featured my tutorial and linked back to me.

Anyhoooo, while doing one of these searches a few months ago, I found that my tissue paper flower corsages had been "pinned"! Wha?!  People really are reading! How totally cool.

So I joined Pinterest (this is me) because I am a blog-reading fool and am always bookmarking tutorials or copying and pasting links into an email addressed to myself.  I know.  Winning.

On another blog, I found out how to see who has pinned your stuff. If you wanna try it, the url is blog url here/  (Don't forget the last slash.) and that's it!

So, I though from time to time, I would do a Silly Bees Pinterest audit and see which blog posts are the most popular. Right now, it is my Old School Bunny Cake with 391 pins.  What the what?  I am totally shocked.  Thanks for the pin love, chickadees!

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