Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Trendy Tree, Yippee!

So.  I was looking for a particular glittery curly spray that I used in my homecoming centerpiece to show you where you could find it online, if not at Hobby Lobby andddd I found it!  But even more awesome is where I found it...the cutest Christmas decorating online store evah-- Trendy Tree

Trendy Tree has a bunch of unique thingamajigs and doodadswhatchamacallits and doohickies, thingamabobs and whatsits to decorate your home for the holidays and I love it all.  They have everything from fun, bright funky stuff to very elegant traditional pieces.

The most awesome part is that their designers have created beautiful trees with their products and listed the different pieces-- and quantities used-- so you can buy them all at once and make their tree your own!  How cool is that?  Once you have the pieces you can use their photo as a guide to put it all together and brag to the neighbors.  Presto! You are now the envy of the block. 

Now THAT's and awesome find.  You're welcome.

Oh, and about the centerpiece, stay tuned...