Saturday, October 25, 2008

Me and Melly, we's like peas and carrots

Welcome to the first installment of Homemade Costumes of Halloweens Past...

When we were dating, my husband used to say--in his Forrest, Forrest Gump voice--that we went together like peas and carrots. So, when we got an invitation for a Halloween costume party/couples wedding shower (cool, huh?), I thought peas and carrots would be the perfect couples costume!

The costumes were a breeze to make (once I figured it out) and pretty inexpensive. First, I tried making them with plastic carrots and pea pods, but they were too heavy and wouldn't stay, plus it just wasn't very cute. So, I decided to make them look like the actual peas and carrots dish. I made them with Styrofoam, Velcro and paint. The peas were 4" balls and the carrots were 2"x 4"x 12" rectangular blocks which I cut into square pieces. I painted them with a couple coats of acrylic craft paint and affixed Velcro (the rough side) on the back of each. I tested the veggies on our new fuzzy sweaters and soon found out that the peas needed a flat surface to stay on better. So I trimmed them and it worked just fine. Perfecto! Costume bonus: without the bits, you have a comfy cozy sweater to wear for the rest of the season...I did!

Everyone at the shindig thought they were so cute. The picture above is at the beginning of the evening with the peas and carrots separate. As the party rolled on, people kept stealing our vegetables and mixing them up. We looked like a mixed bowl of orange and green bits by the end of the evening just like a Luby's side dish! It was so much fun. We ended up wearing them again for my sorority sister's Halloween party in Dallas.

This costume idea was featured in the Costume Roundup on One Pretty Thing!  Thank you, chickadees!

Oct. 14, 2009- I submitted this post to Tip Junkie's Talk to Me Tuesday feature. This week's installment, Halloween Show and Tell, highlights Halloween costumes and since this one is so darn cute, I thought I'd share it. Click the logo below to go to Halloween Show and Tell and see more spooky fun!


  1. I totally stilllll love that costume!! So creative!!

  2. cute! My kids always want me to dress up for Halloween, they get sick of me telling them that I am going as a mom. I was going to go as Sarah Palin this year but Simon got all mad and said it was disrespectful.

  3. One of my sorority sisters went as Monica Lewinsky one year. She does favor her, but she's much prettier. Maybe you should try that one.

  4. I do believe I saw that one live, up close and personal, as they say.

    Love the blog! Can't wait to see you peas and carrots.

  5. Such a clever idea. I love it!