Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Whatever, Marta Ehstewart!

If you haven't caught on to my new favorite show on the Fine Living Network, you MUST! It's called Whatever, Martha! and it is the most irreverent Martha Stewart show ever. It's hilarious. It's hosted by Martha's daughter, Alexis and her friend Jennifer. They watch clips of Martha Stewart Living and make fun of Martha! There's also a radio show on Sirius, but I'm not cool enough to have satellite radio. The most brilliant part about the show is that it is produced by the crafting queen herself. Not me, silly. Although, I like to call myself Marta Ehstewart-- that's Spanish for Martha Stewart. Alexis' and Jennifers' blogs:


  1. Hi Melissa,

    I have been wanting to watch that show! I'll have to program it on the dvr. Thanks for the link. Im going to check it out

  2. Oh, I heard about this and thought it sounded really good. But I'm not cool enough to get Fine Living anymore. ;)

  3. Click on the picture of the 3 of them at the top. It'll take you to a page with some videos!

  4. Interesting,I will try to catch that.~~becky

  5. I visited the blogs of Alexis and Jennifer,very interesting. Lots of sweets.UGH!Maybe I shouldnt of vistied LOL