Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Future Engagement

Let me begin by saying that this is wedding-related and it is quite long. But, it's worth it, trust me.

Now, allow me to set the stage: one of my most bestest friends, bridesmaid, sorority housemate and fellow Hello Kitty fan club member is a sassy gal named Candy. If she were a candy she would be Strawberry Laffy Taffy—a bit sweet, a bit tangy and fun for all ages, anytime of the day. Candy is a die-hard football fanatic and is true blue to our beloved alma mater, Southern Methodist University. Candy has a rad football lovin’, Star Wars watchin’, roller coaster ridin’ boyfriend named Tom. They were MADE for each other.

Tom calls me up one day and leaves a cryptic message asking me to call him back and that he would be playing tennis for the next hour or so and would be out of pocket. Oh, and by the way, “don’t tell Candy.” Well, a man should know better than to leave a message like that without giving a girl a hint! Throw me a bone, I say! So, I keep calling and calling and calling him back all the while thinking, “how long can a guy play tennis on a school night?” He finally calls back and tells me that he is going to pony up (I know—I’m hilarious) and propose to Candy during the SMU homecoming game. Needless to say, I squeal like…no, not that thank you very much...a little girl who just met Cinderella (more on that later). Anyhoo, he asks me if I would help him get the grand proposal on the Jumbo Tron-thingy (that’s a technical term) during half-time. Now, I ask you: how could I refuse this super-romantical request?

Sooooo, I call one of my other bestest friends and sorority sisters, “Kandi with a K” to let her in on the scheme. Since Kandi is in Dallas, I thought she may be able to go to the athletic office and see what they can do for us. As it turns out, Kandi recently arranged to have her kids’ Christmas portraits taken on the SMU football field (hubby was a cheerleader) and made a great contact, Monica, who works in the marketing department of SMU athletics. Kandi calls on Monica, the amazing get-it-done-girl who “shows up” big time to make Candy’s dream come true.

On Homecoming Day, we met Candy and Tom for the parade on campus in the morning. Throughout the afternoon, Kandi with a K and I insisted that we all take advantage of every photo op we can find around campus. (Candy is a big scrapper and I knew she’d want mementos of the day.) I must say that Tom was not the only one freaking out a little—ok, a lot—all day. I would have taken a Valium that morning had I known the butterflies in my stomach were going to have a carnival from dawn ‘til dusk. So, all goes as planned and during half-time, the announcer asks everyone to turn their attention to said Jumbotron-thingy and row number 1 section 111. Tom gets down on one knee and pops the question. Candy says “yes” amongst the cheering and crying of fellow SMU Mustang fans. Seriously, women sitting around us that we didn’t know were boo-hooing! After the game, we all had a cupcake and champagne toast to Candy and Tom and their fabulous adventures to come. Here are a few photos from the awesome event. Congratulations, Candy and Tom! We love you!!!!

On another note, Candy and I have entered the Wilton Cookie Decorating contest this year. The grand prize is a trip for 4 to Disney World! We have a pact that if one of us wins the trip, we all go together. So, please click on the photo of Candy’s cookie, “Letters to Santa”, below and vote for her every day this week. When you go to the page, you must find her cookie, click on the “Choose Me” button, then click on the button on the left under the cookie picture that says “Submit Your Vote”. If you forget to click on that button, your vote won’t be counted. Remember, a vote for Candy is a vote for me and I'm dying to meet Cinderella! (My cookie will be up for voting next week.)

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  1. What a fun surprise! I love surprises.

    I voted for you guys.