Monday, November 17, 2008

Smart Bride, Dum Dum Bridesmaids

These are the bouquets my sister made for her bridesmaids to carry during the wedding rehearsal. Aren't they yummy? She used a Styrofoam ball and trimmed it so it had a flat bottom and glued it on a round piece of cardboard. Then, she trimmed the lollipop sticks and inserted them into the ball. She used a ribbon in her wedding color to wrap around the base and make a pretty bow accent. You could also glue a plastic bouquet handle on the back if you’d like. Another idea would be to use only lollipops that match your wedding colors and save the rest for yourself! Although, I really do like the multi-colored look, plus there was a flavor for every taste! The lollies were perfect to keep the little bridal party attendants happy (and the groomsmen, too!) So, so cute and very clever! She takes after her big sis! **wink, wink**


  1. Youre back! Glad to see you.I stopped following cause I thought you left for good LOL.I love the idea on your blog as well. Good to see you back.

  2. Yes, I'm back! We were all-wedding, all-the-time in our household these past couple weeks. Now, I can get back to "my" world! I'll probably be blogging every couple days now.

  3. What a cute idea! It's something we could tie into our Lollishops.
    Take care