Thursday, February 26, 2009

That's Right, You're Not from Texas, but Texas Wants You Anyway- Lyle Lovett

Friday is Go Texan Day. If you aren't in Texas, it may sound a little silly, but Texans are a proud people. There's no getting around it. Texas is its own country. It's not really in the South and it's not quite part of the Southwest. Whether you are a Native Texan or a transplant, during Rodeo Houston, you are a Texan.

Every year around this time, Go Texan is celebrated all over the state. Most schools encourage students to dress for Go Texan Day and many companies do, too. At our office, we have a Go Texan barbecue lunch complete with a chili cook-off, dessert bake-off, Dr. Pepper chug (Dr. Pepper was born in Waco, TX), and a Best Dressed Contest.

Go Texan Day generally coincides with the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, the largest in the nation. The HLSR is pretty amazing and really fun. The organization gives scholarships to kids for 4-H participation, Future Farmers Association, college students and fine art, just to name a few. This season, they pledge to award close to 11 million dollars in educational funding.

During the Livestock Show, everyone is a cowpoke! Even Prada-toting, Jimmy Choo-wearing urban socialites show up at fancy eateries in suede fringe and custom-made boots. It's pretty funny, but I admit to being one of those urban cowgirls even though I have ridden a few horses in my day and watched the chickens lay eggs at grandpa's house "out in the country".

If you grew up in Texas, chances are that you had a western portrait like mine. A bunch of my friends do. In fact, in the 3rd grade, Go Texan Day was the same day as picture day, so everyone donned the plaid western-cut shirts and shearling vests, the ones they pull out once a year.

One of my favorite highlights of Go Texan is the parade of trail riders that ride in from across the state. I work near a main street on the trail route and I have often had to make room on Shepherd Drive for the horses and chuck wagons traveling alongside me!

I'm proud to be a Texan. I think we're pretty friendly people. But, drop a Dairy Queen cup out your car window, and Willie will come kick your rear! Don't Mess With Texas!


  1. Love it! The picture of little you is so CUTE!

    Oli had go Texan day on Friday but Joe had pajama day because they were preparing for TAKS... another joy of Texas.

  2. LOVE your Go Texan Day/School picture Mel! I walked around here @ work on Friday saying "yeah—go Texan Day" and the Damn Yankees I work with did not get it. I love to go downtown and see the riders come in—I need to get my photos posted I took.