Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Music Flavor of the Month- Harry Connick

This month, we're celebrating a two-fer! In honor of Valentine's Day and Mardi Gras, we are listening to one of New Orleans' favorite sons, Harry Connick, Jr. Harry Connick, Jr. is a jazz musician and actor who has been in almost 20 films, acted in 3 Broadway productions and recorded close to 30 albums.

In 1993, he and his father founded the Mardi Gras krewe, Krewe of Orpheus, named after the mythical Greek character known as the "father of songs". The Krewe of Orpheus quickly became one of the largest krewes in New Orleans, due in no small part to the inclusiveness of its membership-- accepting members of every race, gender and ethnicity. It was the first superkrewe to accept both men and women.

So many of Harry Connick, Jr.'s songs are romantical-like, so I thought it was very appropriate for this month's musical enjoyment.


To turn on the music, go to the music player in the sidebar on the right. Note: Audio starts automatically in Firefox.


  1. What a wonderful way to start the day with Harry!!! (heart-flutters) Isn't he the greatest?? I love his style, I love the songs he sings. These same songs would be playing on the stereo at my parents house every weekend when I was growing up!! Thank Sweetie, for a walk down memory lane!!

  2. Me too! I luv him. What a cutie patootie. And you gotta love a family man!

  3. He is a cutie-patootie... you speak the truth.