Friday, November 27, 2009

Even More Thankful!

This year's place setting was very similar to last year. I just added an orange clove pomander. They smell yummy. Of course, my dad being my dad, pulled all the cloves out and ate the mandarin orange, peel and all. He's crazy like that. You know, most of the vitamins are in the peel!

I made the paper "thankful leaves" bigger this year because our blessings are more and more every year!  I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend! Now, I have to pull out the Christmas decorations! Angel Party is a week away!!!


  1. you're so fancy. We were just proud that we ate off of real plates. Someday I'll make nice place settings too.

  2. It actually felt good taking out my Pie Gremlin frustrations on the oranges. Is that wrong? I just finished watching the Grinch and now I feel bad for the little helpless mandarins.

  3. It kind of looks like a cute bug.