Thursday, April 1, 2010

For the love of antskedi!

So, you know how some blogs make you type in those crazy wiggly words when you add a comment to make sure you aren't a spambot (whatever that is)?  I've been getting some pretty coocoo banana ones lately that actually sound like real words.  But, what do they mean?

Let's play Merriam Webster today and make up some definitions!  Here are the latest goodies I've come across:  ingly, surroo, mussion and antskedi.  I love saying antskedi--give me a good definition so I can use it often!

Ready, set, define!


  1. I came up with the true definitions for all of them on your fb post :)

  2. Christy's definitions via Facebook...

    ingly - a condition in which one feels uncomfortably tingly all over - something gives you the creeps and then you feel ingly

    surroo - a sarcastic apology. They say they're sorry but they don't mean it. It's a Surroo

    mussion - a mission one embarks on when one is intoxicated

    antskedi - a person who dislike spaghetti. They are totally against it.

  3. My college friend, who is also a spelling bee nerd (heh heh) defined antskedi for us:

    antskedi n. the stir-crazy, delirium-like emotion that results from the phenomenon of being so slammed and overscheduled with work over a prolonged period, that despite constantly moving ahead like a good, little worker drone at a good, solid and consistent clip, the tasks to be completed keep piling up at an ever-increasing pace.

    Used in a sentence: "I've been slammed like this since Christmas, and quite frankly I'm beginning to go a little antskedi!"