Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I'm Cake Wrecktastic!

Old School Bunny Cake

Imagine my surprise when my girl Christy texted me on Easter to tell me that my bunny cake made Cake Wrecks! 

First, I was like, "cool!" 

Then, I was like, "Oh noooooo, Cake Wrecks!" 

Then, I remembered it was Sweet Sunday and I was like, "whew!" 

Then, about an hour later, my cousin texted me about it and I was like, "I know! Crazy right?" 

Holy buttercream! I still can't believe it. I didn't even submit it or anything. Jen The Cake Wrecks Gal searched for cute Easter cakes online, found mine and posted it right alongside Bakerella's chick cake pops. Plus, she said my cake is "quite possibly the sweetest bunny cake" she's ever seen!

Check out my wrecktastic debut, including a bunch of sweet comments about my cake, by clicking on the Cake Wrecks logo.

If you've never visited Cake Wrecks, you have been missing out on some slap-your-knee funny business.  But, beware.  Don't go jumping on their site during a meeting, or you may get in big trouble for shooting water out of your nostrils.


  1. I was so excited when I saw it! Yay for Melissa!

  2. I pinned this cake a while back as a repin from a friend, and as I went to search for directions realized it was a pin from google. I saw a comment from a friend of yours on the google pin saying please pin with the correct credits!!! (that can be irritating when people pin and don't have the right link to find how to make the marvelous creation) So, I have corrected the Pinteret travesty!! Love this cake, thank you for sharing the directions!! Congrats on making it to Sweet Sunday!

  3. Thank you so much! I always check pins when I'm re-pinning too. It's frustrating on both sides! I once had someone use actual photos from my etsy store, post them to Flickr and explain how she "made" them! Thanks for your pin and Happy Easter!