Monday, April 12, 2010

Happy Licorice Day!

I luuuuv licorice! Especially the real stuff! My favorite is dark Australian licorice. Delish! It's my "must-purchase" at Dylan's Candy Bar. I also love little licorice pastels. They have juuuuust enough crunch to make your mouth happy!

As far as Twizzlers, it's just rubber sugar. Fruit flavored licorice? Puleeeez! Now, if you need some good licorice and can't get to Dylan's, the best grocery store licorice ropes are Red Vines by far! Plus they're fat free! If you're a fan of Red Vines, they're having a rad sweepstakes to celebrate National Licorice Day. Head over to their site now to register for the chance to win all kinds of awesome Red Vines gear!  They are also having a drawing contest for their package and canister labels.  Go to their website to check it out!


  1. As an Australian and a liquorice lover I have to ask - what the heck is dark Australian liquorice??

  2. Hee hee! Well, by dark I mean something like a thick smokey flavor. Real licorice is soft, not rubbery, and not super sweet. Red Vines black licorice has the real stuff in it, but a lot of licorice we have over here (aside from expensive gourmet stuff) doesn't actually have licorice root in it. It's just artificial flavoring. is a great source for information. Lots of licorice people say Australia makes the best. Thank you, Australia!