Monday, April 26, 2010

I'm Green with Excitement!

Hello, all my green chickadees! I just entered a design contest for reusable shopping bags at and would reeeeeeeeelly appreciate it if you would take a look and vote for me. Most of the bags are made with clip art, but mine is from scratch!  If I win, you just may see my bag at a Kroger near you.  Annnnnnd, I could get some free groceries!

To vote for my design, click on the bag above--that's mine. Cute, right?  You can vote every day from now through May 21. Thank you kindly!

If you like my design, you can buy it on a bag, an apron, a mug or a water bottle by clicking on the Cafe Press logo above. Their bags are made of 100% cotton canvas and machine washable.  Plus, they don't have the Kroger logo on them, so you can carry them around everywhere and not look like a walking billboard! Cafe Press is giving $1 to the National Parks Conservation Assoc. for every item sold. I think that's pretty decent!