Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Emma Tales: Chapter IV

Emma Pillsbury: Daydream Believer

Chapter IV
Puh-puh-puh, Puh-puh-puh, Pillow Fight

The Nighttime Challenge

Brenda Castle is having a sleep-over and Emma, who has never been to one, is soooo thrilled until she learns that Sinister Sue is also invited, that is. Holy-I'm-gonna-get-my-bra-frozen! Despite the possible danger ahead, Emma jumps at the chance to see Coocoo Bananas' abode. Will there be rotating beds? Zen gardens? A Tiki-themed underground bunker? Emma is dying to know. Brenda's house does not disappoint. She has bamboo papered walls and shelves of Elvis plates, a leg lamp and a shag carpet walled bathroom. She greets the girls with a tray of Jello shots. Hooray! Baby Jello! After a brief Come-to-Madonna meeting (and Sue explains the baby Jello to Em), the girls leave their baggage at the door (okay, steam trunks) and trade their school clothes for jammies, or in Brenda’s case, lounge wear.

They TP Figgins house (If you wanna see your gnome again, you'll put Shasta in the vending machines!) and play Bloody Mary--after a few of their own. Pillow fights ensue. They order 2 dozen pizzas for delivery to Kin's house-- the pizza guy has it programmed in his nav system. Emma learns she's as light as a feather. Sue teaches them the Physical choreography, and Brenda tells their fortunes, (Figgins and Sue? Signs point to no.) Sue tries to wangle Emma into a game of Truth or Dare. Emma cites the Kin debacle and tells Sue her dare days are ovah. Emma shows Sue and Bren the magic of foam rollers. They decide to become blood sisters, but Emma almost faints, so they mix their nail polishes together and paint their pinkies with it. While exchanging dating horror stories, Emma’s the first to fall asleep. Sue and Bren put shaving cream on her hand and tickle her nose with a feather! She jumps up from her bed. It was all a dream! Or was it? **pulls feather from hair** The End.

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