Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Emma Tales: Chapter II

Emma Pillsbury: Dazzling Deb

Chapter II
And the winner is...not Kin

The Red Carpet Challenge

The invitation arrived. Emma is the 2010 CDC Everyday Hero and her presence is requested at their annual gala! She's over the moon! This is the perfect opportunity to lobby for hand sanitizer machines in every classroom. This is big. She wastes no time creating her ensemble, choosing a 1960s vintage gown that perfectly highlights her peaches 'n cream (not Herb) complexion and accessorizes as only a Pillsbury can. Emma is flawless. The only thing missing: an escort.

She considers her options. Dr. Jesse? No. It's just too uncomfy with the whole Mr. McGleemy thing. Her brother? Unfortunately for Emma, he has a rowing club dinner. Mr. Pillsbury? He's chasing mummies with Dr. Hawass. She's out of choices. It comes to this...

“Kin, you can come to the gala with me. I'll meet you there. Just don't sit at my table or look at me. I'm gonna wear gloves so you can't see my arms, K? And another thing, Kin, just because they're technically pants...”

The evening is here. Emma graciously accepts her award and gasp! She trips down the stairs! Horrified, she scrambles to her feet and runs out the door, breaking her heel as she goes. She jumps in a cab and runs inside her house before her self-imposed curfew. The doorbell rings. Oh no, it’s Kin with her heel! Pretend you’re asleep, pretend you’re asleep. The doorbell rings and rings and buzzes and beeps and sings. Sings? Her alarm clock! Her Sesame Street alarm clock! (I had one and it was awesome. Don't judge.) Thank goodness for Big Bird! She sits up in bed and shakes it off. It was a dream! Thank heavens, it was all a dream. The End.

WWEPW Idol Red Carpet Challenge: And the winner is...not Kin
And the winner is...not Kin by melgarzaallen featuring caparros shoes

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